Boat and RV cleaning

Boat and RV Cleaning services by Envirosteam

At Envirosteam, we offer a wide range of services for cleaning and conditioning your Boat and RV. We also have exclusive services for the most demanding clients and professionals who need personalized treatment, with maximum guarantees and the best finishes.  

Exterior Wash

Exterior Wash is an exterior cleaning service of the RV that includes:

The manual washing of the exterior bodywork, the rims and wheels, the exterior windows, the polishing of the exterior plastics, and the hand waxing of the bodywork.

Interior Wash

Interior Wash is a cleaning service for the interior of the RV that includes:

Cleaning the interior windows, vacuuming the passenger compartment and trunk interior, removing dust, cleaning the dashboard, door panels and frames, air vents, and the steering wheel.

Integral Washing

Integral Wash is a complete cleaning service for the interior and exterior of the RV that includes:

The Complete Cleaning service, the Wheel Polishing service, the Upholstery Cleaning service and the Engine Cleaning service.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning is a cleaning service for the interior of the RV that includes:

Vacuuming the interior of the passenger compartment, thorough cleaning and removal of stains from the seats, headrests and armrests, door panels, carpets, the roof of the passenger compartment and the boot. We also have a carpet replacement service; this service will always be on demand and after consulting the availability of brands and models.

Book Boat and RV Cleaning Services Now and have wonderful time with your family and friend on your next trip.  For more information, please feel free to call or visit Envirosteam workshop located in Ottawa, Ontario.