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The goal of Envirosteam Car Detailing

Yes, we come to you and we need nothing from you. Everything is in our mobile unit

Through car detailing, the aim is to obtain a brighter, cleaner, and more beautiful car in terms of aesthetics. This cleaning and detailing process results in something known as Show Car; Initially, the concept of car detailing was applied to exhibition and classic vehicles, but has evolved to reach any vehicle or even boats, motorcycles or planes. At the Envirosteam team in Ottawa, we have highly experienced professionals who call themselves “Detailers”. They are passionate about people who enjoy beautifying and caring for their vehicle. Detailing in Canada has come from the best and most passionate:  Envirosteam – Professional Car Detailing Ottawa.

We clean vehicles, boats aircraft, RV’s and even motorcycles. We even offer interior cleaning using no chemicals (perfect for anyone who has allergies to chemicals) and pet friendly a service that can’t be done by most detailers in the area.

Envirosteam wash mobile auto detailing offering a unique environmentally friendly cleaning experience. Our steam exterior wash cleans up dirt with no abrasive chemicals and won’t damage your vehicles paint. We not only clean vehicles; we can use steam on whatever you want just ask. Our steam not only cleans it actually kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your vehicle, home, boat, RV or office. We even have processes that can eliminate odors.

Contactless cleaning

State of the art fully automatic Interior Car Cleaning area.

Safety Materials

Only the best material from top brands

Modern Equipment

We carry the most advanced model equipment for best results.

Extensive Cleaning

Every inch matters so we offer deep cleaning services



Get treatments for all of
your car’s needs.

To book an appointment, please feel free to call us. Our experienced staff would love
to assist you with all your car, SUV, RV, and Boat cleaning and detailing needs.
We work autonomously – we have our own water and electricity supply and can come to any location. Whether it be your home, apartment or even your work, we come to you!

An effortless way to maintain your home and vehicle’s cleanliness.

Professionally Detailed and Polished

Car detailing and polishing is a complex and slow process where a series of actions are carried out on the bodywork and other elements of the vehicle. Mainly, the professional polishing or paint correction service is performed. We can recover and revitalize the bodywork by eliminating many marks deposited in the car’s lacquer and recovering the brightness and intensity of the lost color.

However, many vehicles delivered from the factory suffer some blemishes and mishaps, necessitating a professional polishing service. These carry out a pre-wash before delivery using incorrect processes, which generate micro-scratches or swirls. We always recommend carrying out a polishing process to guarantee the perfection of the car.

Our services

Professionals with the best training in Car Detailing
and professional cleaning of vehicles, RV and Boats.
Scratched Car

Dent repair

Removing a dent from a car is not just a matter of aesthetics.

Quick Ceramic Gel for paint protection and shine

A ceramic treatment will give you long-lasting protection 


Boat and RV cleaning

At Envirosteam, we offer a wide range of services for 


Rain x windshield protection

Envirosteam is your bomber-to-bumper complete 


Decal removal

Envirosteam is your bomber-to-bumper complete 

Identify your vehicle size
and cleaning needs

Basic Package $60
Enviro Package $130
Shine Package $260
Call For A Quote
Basic Package $80
Enviro Package $150
Shine Package $280
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Suv7 Seat
Basic Package $100
Enviro Package $180
Shine Package $320
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Basic Package $100
Enviro Package $250
Shine Package $320
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Dry cleaning any dirt inside the car and trunk

Before After Before_01After_01

Natural Cleaners

Safe cleaners only, which a laboratory tested and certified.

Heightened care

we take good care of your car and restore its flawless look.


Your car will not only look clean and shiny, it will also smell good as we Aromatize it for you.

Additional Charges May Apply
Basic Package
/Mid Size
Quick vacuum of carpet and seats
Quick wipe of the dash/doors/cupholders/windows
Full external wash by steam
Tire clean and shine
Enviro Package
/Mid Size
Complete interior vacuum of carpet, seats, and mats
Vent sanitation
Full internal Deep clean by steam
Trunk vacuum and steam
Shine Package
/Mid Size
Complete interior vacuum of carpet, seats and mats
Tire clean and shine
Engine steam clean
Trunk vacuum and steam