Rain x windshield protection

Rain x windshield protection by Envirosteam, Ottawa

Envirosteam is your bomber-to-bumper complete car-cleaning workshop in Ottawa. We offer Rain X windshield protection services that help to clean road grime, salt, bugs, light snow, frost.

Our windshield protection service will leave your windshield streak-free and clear. We use only the best brands to clean your car windshield, and Rain X is a renowned brand in the car cleaning accessories industry. 

Our process to Apply for Rain x windshield protection

Our professional team of windshield protection first examines the windshield for any crack or traces that can lead to windshield cracks. If there are severe damages to your windshield, we recommend you get it replaced because it can lead to severe damage and risk.

  • Examine the windshield
  • Clean it with chemical
  • Apply Rain X windshield protection
  • Final touch

Benefits of Envirostam Rain X Windshield protection

  • Give streak-free clean look
  • Remove stains and bugs
  • Dust, water, and bugs resistant
  • Make driving your car easy


If you have any queries or concerns regarding this service, please feel free to visit our workshop or give us a call now and our expert team would love to assist you.